I love colors, coloring, colorful flowers/things and especially colors of autumn. Check out how beautiful is autumn in England. X T.


It’s a beautiful English town near the coast in East Sussex. It has everything you need: beautiful streets, medieval houses, pretty shops and restaurants and the beach it’s like 5 mins drive. It’s a charming must see town! Xx T.


We don’t talk much about us like who we are, etc. We love to talk about things of what we do. So a new info about us is that we are from Transylvania ( never seen a vampire or Dracula). Right now P. is in Transylvania, me and A. in London so we happy to…

Day trip- Kiruccanás

Last weekend we visited Shere village – it’s very close to London and it’s very beautiful. I always loved the English villages, they have such an amazing feeling… it’s like walking in the past. And also they have beautiful gardens, houses, shops decorated with taste. Would love to have a little cottage here! X T….