Hole Park

Is a beautiful Park/Garden in Rolvenden, Kent. It’s open daily in Spring and limited opening time in Summer and autumn. So always check before visiting. It’s a picturesque garden created by the Barham family. It’s huge, it’s colourful, it’s like a little paradise. T.


She deserves all the love, flower, gift. She is the most beautiful woman.  She loves you the most! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there! Xx T.


It’s a beautiful English town near the coast in East Sussex. It has everything you need: beautiful streets, medieval houses, pretty shops and restaurants and the beach it’s like 5 mins drive. It’s a charming must see town! Xx T.


We had a nice walk in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park this Sunday. It was so nice being out and about! Finally Spring is here so go out and enjoy it! X T.

A late post

Hello 2018, Hello Winter, Hello Spring! We are so very late with wishing Happy this and that but so many things were happening already in 2018. Some bad things (no more please!) but some very great things. For now we are enjoying the first spring flowers, waking up to the birds singing, feeling the sunshine…

Flower power

I know how hard is to make the perfect flower arrangement so I am quite impressed with the nature. Everything is just so perfect, every little flower, bush, grass. I think God makes the best flower arrangements! Yesterday we had a picnic (or something similar) in Richmond Park, Isabella Plantation. It was sunny and hot,…


May is a really special month for me. Not just because is the beginning of BBQ season but so many things to celebrate. My husband’s birthday, we started dating 5 years ago in May, my parent’s wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day. Now I am especially talking about Mother’s Day. When my granny died I realized…

St Ives

I love Bank Holidays, Holidays, weekends, all sort of days off. I love travelling and exploring. So this long weekend we went to St Ives, Cornwall. Wonderful place. Beautiful city and beach. Also very nice shops. The wheather was nice- not swiming nice- so we really enjoyed and looking forward to visit again. Maybe in…