A Christmas Wish

Staying in London this Christmas. Again. So it’s only me and hubby celebrating, far from family.. So when we went at the beginning of December to Germany I wished for a nice time with my brothers and friend,for festive spirit and snow! And all my wish came true. We had the festive spirit, snow and…

Capitale de Nöel..

  …is Strasbourg!! On the first weekend of December we had like a team building, Christmas trip to Germany and France. The beautiful Strasbourg was the first stop. I always dreamed to visit  a city with rich history, old houses, narrow streets – you know, something you see in movies. And my dream came true!…

Festive Spirit

Being so close to December, Advent and festive  Season we started creating, decorating. House almost done, and the festive flower boxes ready to order. Christmas Market checked – 4 days to go!! Sure to have the Festive Spirit! X T.


Wishing a merry and blessed Christmas to everyone! And Happy Birthday Jesus! X    

Christmas decor- Karàcsonyi dekor

Some easy decors – all made by us for some wonderful people! X T. Nèhàny egyszerû dekor – mind àltalunk kèszült,  nagyszerû embereknek. T.    

Last Christmas- Múlt Karácsony

We just opened the Christmas presents – and had all that lovely food- and it’s already 2016. We had a great Christmas- at home with family and friends. Tried to spend less time with cooking, cleaning, decorating and to spend more time with the loved ones. The Christmas decorations were simple but beautiful- for us…


Today I did a little shopping and as I was walking on the street/in the shops I realized that Christmas is closer then I thought. Peoples carrying presents, decorations. Christmas lights/trees/songs everywhere. Well we got the Christmas spirit too. We made some nice decorations and we just can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree. And…

O Christmas Tree- Ó, szép fenyő

This Christmas is our first Christmas as husband and wife so I think it will be a special one. Yesterday  we found the perfect pine tree, looks wonderful without ornaments too!  I made some nice ornaments and will ”dress up” the tree next week, hopefully will be a beautiful one. T. Ez lesz az első…

Christmas Workshop – Karácsonyi műhely

As Christmas is getting closer we have lots of things to do like shopping, cleaning, decorating. We wanted to help in decorating so last week we had a bigger Christmas  workshop, where next to a nice cup of tea and some cookies little girls and ladies worked together and they all did a wonderful job….