Soft combo..

..for Christening and a giant bouquet as a gift. Love the color combo designed by P. It has a feeling of peace and calmness. And that’s how I am feeling right now – thunder outside but peace inside. Thanks to baby Lancelot who is sleeping so peacefully on me while I am writing this short…

Counting back

Happy 1st of September! We are so excited about this month! Not just because I celebrate my birthday this month but also our baby, the new team member-little florist coming in a couple of days. So double birthday month! We know that from now on everything will be different for us as a team too…


She deserves all the love, flower, gift. She is the most beautiful woman.  She loves you the most! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there! Xx T.

A Christmas Wish

Staying in London this Christmas. Again. So it’s only me and hubby celebrating, far from family.. So when we went at the beginning of December to Germany I wished for a nice time with my brothers and friend,for festive spirit and snow! And all my wish came true. We had the festive spirit, snow and…


This month is all about love. Talking here about Valentine’s Day. But you don’t have to wait until the 14th of February. Whenever you feel really thankful for your loved ones just show them how you feel. And don’t forget- it’s not about buying something really expensive. (Like me, I made some yummy Nutella brownies….

Christmas decor- Karàcsonyi dekor

Some easy decors – all made by us for some wonderful people! X T. Nèhàny egyszerû dekor – mind àltalunk kèszült,  nagyszerû embereknek. T.