Festive Spirit

Being so close to December, Advent and festive  Season we started creating, decorating. House almost done, and the festive flower boxes ready to order. Christmas Market checked – 4 days to go!! Sure to have the Festive Spirit! X T.

Flower wall

I had an empty/white background, hydrangeas and some free time 2 weeks ago. And was in need of a new profile picture. Ha ha. So what I did … decorated the white background with some hydrangeas. It was ready in 5 mins and looked lovely. Perfect flower wall for weddings, parties, photo booths or just…

Ranunculus – Boglárka

That’s right! Ranunculus is my new favorite. I know a great flower supplier in London who can get you some really amazing flowers. I ordered some flowers from him and they were lovely! Especially the Ranunculus. Well enjoy the pictures. And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!! X X…

Spring at home – Tavasz a lakásban

I know outside it feels like spring with all the sunshine – some rain – pretty flowers, birds singing but does it feels like spring inside the house, in our homes? Well I open the windows in the morning, let some fresh air in but still, it’s not like spending some time outside. So I…

1st of March

Finally Spring is here!! That’s what the calender said this morning. And when I left the house..surprise!! It does feels like Spring. I am Celebrating with some flowers and a yummy dinner! X  


This month is all about love. Talking here about Valentine’s Day. But you don’t have to wait until the 14th of February. Whenever you feel really thankful for your loved ones just show them how you feel. And don’t forget- it’s not about buying something really expensive. (Like me, I made some yummy Nutella brownies….


Wishing a merry and blessed Christmas to everyone! And Happy Birthday Jesus! X    

Christmas decor- Karàcsonyi dekor

Some easy decors – all made by us for some wonderful people! X T. Nèhàny egyszerû dekor – mind àltalunk kèszült,  nagyszerû embereknek. T.    


After the hot summer -when we had so much fun- the cold mornings and evenings are here. It’s autumn. Inside and outside. I smile and cry when i look back to summer. Last summer whit my grandma, last memories with her… But how we always say: Life goes on. And while some of us lose…