Something beautiful from June

Just crazy how time flies. Less then 6 month and it’s Christmas. Again. But let enjoy the sunshine until that. June was a really hot month. Even here in London.  Which was nice.

Another nice thing was some friends wedding. A Sri Lankan/British couple tied the knot on a not too hot Saturday. They wanted a dream wedding, with dream decor and they wanted us to be in charge of that. Lotus flowers were delivered from Sri Lanka. Beautiful flowers but very delicate. Looked amazing but lasted only a day or two, so we were bit worried about it but luckily the flowers looked still beautiful on the Big day.

So we used the Lotus flowers in the flower arch mixed with roses, hydrangeas, peonies. And we used carnation for the rest of the decor. (Telling you the truth, carnation is a beautiful flower and easy to work with. New favorite!) Well it was hard work, especially because it was our first flower arch  – 10 hours hard work but worth it. Church looked amazing. Bride and groom was really happy. And guests – everyone wanted a picture with the arch. Ha ha.



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